Iranian commander vows “harsher revenge” against U.S.

Al Asad Airbase

This is a message to those of us who don’t believe that the assassination of General Soleimani was a wise strategy even though we recognize that he was a murderous killer of Americans. The normal reaction is to criticize the Trump administration for not having a plan or clear strategy immediately in place. This is … Read more

Don’t let Mitch McConnell conduct a Potemkin impeachment trial

Mitch McConnell

There has never been an issue in American history in my lifetime or likely yours as well that is the effect of a cult-like mass psychological hypnotic trance. It is familiar in many misguided spiritual “Guruistic” communities. The ultimate one was how the German people believed blindly in Adolf Hitler. I am not trying to … Read more

Trump Exposed: A Brutal Day for the President

Trump Exposed - Politico

Donald Trump represents the most self-centered part of all of us in the extreme. He is like a cartoon character who is constantly telling himself a story about his motives, actions and reactions. He represents the darkest, most devious side of humanity. He gives us a chance to see how we each tell ourselves stories … Read more

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