Confusion, Self-Compassion, and Introspective Questioning – Episode 26

Confusion, Self-Compassion, and Introspective Questioning - Episode 26Host Robert Strock explores how a growing awareness around our own confusion affects self-rejection during serious health or medical changes. It’s inevitable to feel loss, emptiness, or fear during drastic life changes. We need to learn to acknowledge our feelings around these challenges. Otherwise, we will increase feelings of depression or agitation rather than deepening acceptance, understanding, and forgiving ourselves. There’s a process of learning to see our own expectations and realizing that they’re so often unreasonable. When we go through drastic changes, we are going to change how we think and function physically. It is incredibly helpful to realize that anyone going through a similar situation with extreme change and hardship will face similar challenging feelings.

The hardship can lead to confusion that, if not faced with greater self-compassion and questioning, lead us to become more judgmental, depressed, or empty. The problem isn’t the confusion itself but the rejection of it. We can train ourselves by leading our awareness to our true intention to heal, where we see our confusion as an opportunity for deeper inquiry and purposeful introspection. The more we look at our confusion with reverence, the more capacity we have to live a courageous life.

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