Developing Wisdom Guidance – Part 1

In the first four chapters, we explored awareness that heals, friendly mind, moving from self-rejection toward self-compassion and inquiry. All of them, especially inquiry, can help us access our wisdom guidance and persevere when access is difficult. To define it from a different perspective, our wisdom guidance frames in word and tone the message that … Read more

Inquiring from the Heart – Part 3

Passages from Awareness that Heals

Inquiry can go on intermittently for days in the background of your mind and heart when you are really interested in exploring a specific part of your life. When this happens, you want to be sure that you keep the same positive focus of questioning where it is clear that you are looking to support … Read more

Fear and Courage

Guided Meditations

This guided meditation helps you explore the relationship between courage and fear and how to transform it to be able to reside primarily in your courage.

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