Awareness that Heals

Introspective Guides

These guides are an invaluable resource for teachers, therapists, clients, and anyone who wants to clearly understand what they feel, and what is needed in order to take better care of themselves and others.

While it sounds obvious, many of us simply don't realize that there is a link between our feelings and our underlying needs that often go unmet. These Guides are designed to help us more accurately understand what we feel and guide us to what it is we’re missing. The Underlying Needs/Qualities list can help us discern those underlying needs that correspond to and are connected to the feelings, and by doing so, help us see what to pursue that will be most healing in our lives and to those around us.

The Introspective Guides are a curated version of the same guides that appear in the book Awareness That Heals.
There are 3 ways to obtain the Introspective Guides:

1. Download a free PDF version.
2. Purchase the printed/laminated version.
3. Receive the printed/laminated version free with the purchase of Awareness That Heals.

1) Download the free Introspective Guides (PDF)

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