Hearing needs as demands — the healing potential of this realization

Hearing needs as demands — the healing potential of this realization - ATH Blog

One of the cornerstone distortions in love relationships, friendships and all other kinds of relationships is inaccurately seeing “the other’s” expression of a need as a demand. When we exaggerate the genuine expression of a need and instead experience it as a demand, it sets up the unfortunate and inevitable likelihood of misunderstandings. It can also compromise your own ability or desire to be responsive in a kind and cooperative way.  Read More . . .

What’s the danger in hearing perceptions as judgments?

What’s the danger in hearing perceptions as judgments? - ATH Blog

One of the most unrecognized patterns by the general population, and even unwittingly by most therapists, that causes suffering, especially in love relationships, is when one partner or party views and experiences the other’s “perceptions” as “judgments.” Turning perceptions into judgments is one of the least understood dynamics in communication, and is a real source of loss of intimacy, trust and compatibility.  Read More . . .

The Art of Setting Clear, Graceful Boundaries with Family and Friends This Holiday Season

The Art of Setting Clear Graceful Boundaries

All over the world, we’re grappling with family and friendship dilemmas. In America alone, these challenging situations are probably more complex than they have been in a very long time — probably even since the Civil War. Most of my friends, colleagues, and clients are in the midst of dealing with impossible relatives or conversations that revolve around prejudice, hatred, racism, insurrection, political divisions, immigration, or homeless intolerance, to name a few. Read more . . .

Deepak Chopra Wants You to Have a More Meaningful Life

Deepak Chopra

Great wisdom and messages in general and in many different aspects of life and the world. I love that he is embracing the world’s challenges in a direct way now and making the connection between inner and outer peace. However, when he highlights the importance of keeping “his center on his identity and not that … Read more . . .

Awareness of Aggression

Guided Meditations

One of the areas that each of us have enormous needs that usually get unrecognized is to become much more aware of our own aggression and all the different ways it expresses itself.

Why you should stop obsessing about coronavirus news, and how to do it.

Corona Virus

When you are frightened or feeling really anxious while reading the news about the coronavirus epidemic, the key in situations like this is to be aware of and allow whatever feelings are there. Recognize these feelings are perfectly natural given the circumstances, be as kind and accepting of yourself as possible, and ask, “What thoughts … Read more . . .

Accessing Awareness that Heals

Passages from Awareness that Heals

The first guided meditation from Robert Strock’s book, Awareness that Heals, helps you maintain awareness of a challenging emotion in order to have a chance to have a healing influence on yourself.

Developing Wisdom Guidance – Part 1

Passages from Awareness that Heals

In the first four chapters, we explored awareness that heals, friendly mind, moving from self-rejection toward self-compassion and inquiry. All of them, especially inquiry, can help us access our wisdom guidance and persevere when access is difficult. To define it from a different perspective, our wisdom guidance frames in word and tone the message that … Read more . . .

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