Guided Meditations

Guided meditation is a practice that individuals can do by themselves or within a group setting. These meditations focus on accepting whatever emotional state you are in and cultivating a particular feeling or internal state, such as compassion or strength, for example, that can help heal and transform the state of being.

We highly recommended listening to the first Guided Meditation that corresponds to each chapter in the book before reading that specific chapter.

Chapter1, #1
Accessing Awareness That Heals

Chapter 1, #2
Practicing Healing Awareness

Chapter 2, #1
Beginning Friendly Mind

Chapter 2, #2
A Deeper Dive into Friendly Mind

Chapter 2, #3
Cultivating Friendly Mind

Chapter 3, #1
Discovering and Caring for Unconscious Self-Rejection

Chapter 3, #2
Moving from Shame, Inadequacy and Withdrawal to Self-Compassion

Chapter 3, #3
From Self-Rejection to Self-Compassion

Chapter 4, #1
Developing Healing Questions

Chapter 4, #2
From Internal Challenges to an Inquiring Heart

Chapter 4, #3
Two Inquiries From The Heart

Chapter 5, #1
Finding Wisdom Guidance

Chapter 5, #2
From Wounds To Wisdom

Chapter 6, #2
Tone Of Voice LIVE

Chapter 5, #3
Using Inquiry To Awaken Wisdom

Chapter 6, #3
Healing Our Tone Of Voice

Chapter 6, #1
Tuning Into Tone Of Voice

Chapter 7, #1
Using Challenging Feelings to Discover Core Needs

Chapter7, #2
The Vital Link Between Feelings and Needs

Chapter 7, #3
Fear And Courage

Chapter 7, #4
What Is You Core Need?

Chapter 8, #1
Awareness Of Aggression

Chapter 8, #2
Supporting Anger and Fostering Harmlessness

Chapter 8, #3
Transforming Anger into Peace and Strength

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