Join Us for the Awareness That Heals Webinar with Robert Strock

Sunday, July 21, 2024  • 4:00 PM Pacific Time

Transform Self-Criticism into Self-Care - Live Webinar

A unique opportunity to connect with Robert online and to engage in an interactive dialogue.

Webinar theme: "Inquiring From The Heart."
The more attentively we observe our feelings with gentle awareness, the greater our ability to shift from self-judgment to cultivating thoughts, actions, and attitudes that will open us to our hearts.

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ATH Webinar Media Panel

"This was perhaps the most impactful 90 minutes I have spent on my journey to spiritual awareness and personal growth. Robert’s wisdom and the tools he provided are pure gold, and the insights and interactions with the other participants provided an even deeper understanding. Thank you for so generously offering your wisdom, compassion, and experience by providing these sessions.”
—D. S., Baltimore

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"If you engage in these guided meditations, you'll find that each practice session becomes clearer, and the personal experience gains greater depth and relevance. Your active participation and dedication enriches the dynamic relationship between the guided meditation practices and yourself."
—Robert Strock