Why We Need to Heal Childhood Patterns – Episode 89

Why We Need to Heal Childhood Patterns - Episode 89

Robert welcomes back Susan Hough, counselor, philanthropist, and life partner, to explore how each of us carries on the central feelings we had with our original family. These repeated behaviors are usually outside of our awareness and show up most strongly in our intimate relationships. Robert and Susan discuss their past relationships as well as their current one to mirror for the audience a real and honest way in which this plays out. Read More . . .

How to Use Your Tone Of Voice to Develop Intimacy And Healing

How to Use Your Tone of Voice to Develop Intimacy and Healing - ATH Blog

What’s tone of voice? It’s the way you speak to another person — in sound and often with hidden meaning, the way you express yourself. It reflects our innermost motivations, reactions, and, when applicable, our character and wisdom — even when we aren’t aware of our wisdom or don’t have access to it yet. Is there a way we can go inside ourselves to learn how to convey our tone of voice in a way that creates benefit? Read More . . .

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