Awareness that Heals

New, Strong Evidence For Problem-Based Learning


One of the largest places of suffering in my life was particularly from 7th grade through high school because the issues we were dealing with didn’t relate to my current and anticipated future life. Problem based learning is motivating as you can so much more likely see that it will benefit your life. Creative learning has the same features as it encourages you to stretch your inner resources in ways we wouldn’t do on our own.

If we combineProblem Based Learningd this with learning about how we create inner and outer peace in our personal and existential world education would increase the likelihood of bringing up children of greater character and capacity. This is a golden triangle of learning including creativity, real life problems to apply learning toward and inner learning about one’s own psychology, and how to apply this to one’s direct world and the greater world as well.

I truly wish this for all children who are facing our endangered world as we so need to have education be practical, real and useful to ourselves and our planet. I would encourage books like Awareness That Heals where we learn about our own personal challenges as well as the structure to deal with challenges outside ourselves to have it be a truly comprehensive education.

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