How Confusion is often a Sign of Depth and Potential for Fulfillment

How Confusion Can Be a Sign of Depth and Potential for Fulfillment - ATH Blog

Confusion is so often thought to be a negative feeling, one that is hard to tolerate. In our culture, it’s a feeling we are most frequently averse towards. Today, let’s take a look at confusion as a feeling and how we can support ourselves in changing our attitude, response, and understanding of it. We can also learn how to make it an ally in our life, rather than simply viewing it as a disturbance.  Read More . . .

Caring for Ourselves in Crucial Times – Episode 81

Caring for Ourselves in Crucial Times - Episode 81

This week Robert concludes the telling of his journey through the hardest 10 years of his life as he navigated finding balance both emotionally and chemically after his kidney transplant. For many years he could not feel the joys of life. He had to dig deep to further develop his capacity to use inquiry, will, and focus on the intention to find what thoughts would be possible and helpful. Listen to this episode . . .

You Can’t Always Get What You Want, but if You Try, Sometimes, You Get What You Need – Episode 60

You Can't Always Get What You Want - Episode 60

This week Robert continues to delve deeply into using life’s challenges as a springboard to living a more authentic and joyful life. It is a normal human reaction to blame others or wish they were different, but wishing someone was different can only get you so far. If we suppress our most difficult feelings or act them out, we are in a kind of compulsive repeating of wounded history.  Listen to this episode . . .

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