Guiding Ourselves by Asking “What Does My Wisdom Suggest?”

Guiding Ourselves by Asking 'What Does My Wisdom Suggest' - ATH Blog

please take a moment to find some of your commonly felt feelings in our Introspective Guides that will help you identify 75 challenging feelings and 75 healing qualities/needs. This will help you be more specific in seeing that you’re feeling anxious, angry, irritated, helpless, sad, etc. Similarly, the specific qualities will help you narrow down whether you need respect, trust, communication, empathy, honesty, etc. It is a critical part of healing to be able to be specific. Read More . . .

How To Express What You Need Instead Of What You Don’t Like

How to express what you need instead of what you don't like - ATH Blog

One of the foundational ways we disconnect from those we are intimate with or just those in our world is the tendency to express our dissatisfactions more than what we would find satisfying or fulfilling. For most of us, this requires or, more accurately, allows us to develop intimacy, warmth, connection, and trust rather than reinforce struggles, distance, or alienation. Read More . . .

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