Awareness that Heals

Accessing Awareness that Heals – Part 2

Starting with the Dilemma

In this series, we take a look at one of the eight key practices for navigating life’s challenges that are explored in my new book, Awareness That Heals. For more, order the book today and receive a 10% new release discount and free shipping.

Accessing Awareness that Heals - Part 2Here is one way my clients have experienced the third level of awareness, Intellectual Awareness.

“I was aware I was frustrated. In spite of my efforts to the contrary, I stayed frustrated and carried on being irritable toward my partner. I just couldn’t move out of that state of agitation.”

When we only have an intellectual awareness of these challenging feelings, it can feel like we are living wounded on an island that appears to have no resources for healing. We might use words like hypnotized or frozen to describe these moments. Most of us don’t actually realize that the only hope for not being isolated on this island is to learn how to be present with our own painful feelings and find a place inside us that wants to care for ourselves and those close to us. This then can become the motivation to seek healing options.


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