Why We Need to Heal Childhood Patterns – Episode 89

Why We Need to Heal Childhood Patterns - Episode 89

Robert welcomes back Susan Hough, counselor, philanthropist, and life partner, to explore how each of us carries on the central feelings we had with our original family. These repeated behaviors are usually outside of our awareness and show up most strongly in our intimate relationships. Robert and Susan discuss their past relationships as well as their current one to mirror for the audience a real and honest way in which this plays out. Read More . . .

Relating To The Unconscious Identity We Carry With Us Into Adulthood – Episode 88

The Impact Childhood Relationships Have on Us Today - Episode 88

This week Robert discusses core childhood relationships and how they can unconsciously affect us in our adult lives. He is joined by his life partner and fellow counselor, and philanthropist, Susan Hough. We are guided on how to use awareness of our feelings and needs by using the Introspective Guides, which can be found at AwarenessThatHeals.org, Robert talks through identifying each of your strongest childhood relationships and the feelings associated with them.  Read More . . .

How To Express What You Need Instead Of What You Don’t Like

How to express what you need instead of what you don't like - ATH Blog

One of the foundational ways we disconnect from those we are intimate with or just those in our world is the tendency to express our dissatisfactions more than what we would find satisfying or fulfilling. For most of us, this requires or, more accurately, allows us to develop intimacy, warmth, connection, and trust rather than reinforce struggles, distance, or alienation. Read More . . .

Neurotic Responsibility: Creating More Mutuality In Your Relationships – Episode 87

Neurotic Responsibility: Creating more mutuality in your relationships - Episode 87

Using the Introspective Guides, Robert and Dave pick up where they left off last week on the topic of Neurotic Responsibility. This imbalance in relationships is part of our conditioning and can be hard to recognize. It occurs when one person in the relationship feels the problems around them are much more their responsibility than they rationally are. It feels good to give and can last for a lifetime. Read More . . .

Identifying Neurotic Responsibility – Episode 86

Identifying Neurotic Responsibility - Episode 86

Robert and Dave dive right into this week’s episode with something Robert likes to call, Neurotic Responsibility. This term refers to someone who takes on the problems around them more than is rationally warranted. It occurs when your partner is upset and you focus mostly on what you might have done to cause it, even though you already have likely admitted it outwardly and inwardly feel guilty, inadequate, and critical of yourself. Read More . . .

How to Use Your Tone Of Voice to Develop Intimacy And Healing

How to Use Your Tone of Voice to Develop Intimacy and Healing - ATH Blog

What’s tone of voice? It’s the way you speak to another person — in sound and often with hidden meaning, the way you express yourself. It reflects our innermost motivations, reactions, and, when applicable, our character and wisdom — even when we aren’t aware of our wisdom or don’t have access to it yet. Is there a way we can go inside ourselves to learn how to convey our tone of voice in a way that creates benefit? Read More . . .

How Confusion is often a Sign of Depth and Potential for Fulfillment

How Confusion Can Be a Sign of Depth and Potential for Fulfillment - ATH Blog

Confusion is so often thought to be a negative feeling, one that is hard to tolerate. In our culture, it’s a feeling we are most frequently averse towards. Today, let’s take a look at confusion as a feeling and how we can support ourselves in changing our attitude, response, and understanding of it. We can also learn how to make it an ally in our life, rather than simply viewing it as a disturbance.  Read More . . .

Introspective Guides: Relating to the Dangers in Our World Today – Episode 83

Introspective Guides: Relating to the Dangers in Our World Today - Episode 83

Here we are, listening to the news and hearing about elections, global warming, the dangers of nuclear war, the invasion of Ukraine, and we are feeling freaked out. Wherever you are on the political spectrum you are bound to be dealing with some level of anxiety connected to the direction our world and country are going. Robert and Dave assure us this is perfectly normal, and in fact, a good sign you want to be engaged and paying attention. Listen to this episode . . .

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