Inquiring from the Heart – Part 3

Inquiry from the Heart - Part 3Inquiry can go on intermittently for days in the background of your mind and heart when you are really interested in exploring a specific part of your life. When this happens, you want to be sure that you keep the same positive focus of questioning where it is clear that you are looking to support yourself.

Let me repeat: it is not only the content of the question that matters, but also the way you ask it. Most of us are more used to addressing ourselves with questions about why we behaved in a certain way, and we usually do this using an accusatory tone.

If you find your inquiries aren’t keeping you on track or they seem negative, it could be because of the inner tone you are using to ask the question. Often it’s difficult to hear or feel the tone of your questions, and you may find it very helpful to ask them out loud. When you do this, your tone becomes more apparent and obvious. The tone of your question to yourself is enormously consequential—it will reveal your self-love and self-care or, for that matter, self-rejection or withdrawal.