Bringing Softness to the Awareness of Your Anxiety

Bringing Softness to the Awareness of Your Anxiety - Episode 120EPISODE 120
Being gently aware of your anxiety is a powerful starting point. Inquire into your heart, seeking a place in your thoughts that nurtures self-care; it’s truly invaluable. Amidst the anxiety, seek out thoughts that affirm, “Of course, I want to care for myself. Of course, I want to treat myself kindly.” Bringing awareness to your anxiety while nurturing a desire to care for yourself is truly magical.

Reflect on whether you extend care to your anxiety when you’re mindful of it, recognizing that self-care often slips your mind during anxious moments and can provide significant support. It marks a breakthrough moment that propels you toward thoughts,  attitudes, and actions that will uplift and sustain you.


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Awareness That Heals, Episode 120

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A very warm welcome to season three of Awareness That Heals where we have progressed to be able to focus on one challenging emotion at a time. This will allow you to choose a specific emotion that you’ve had challenges with, and each one will have a progressive series of guided meditations that will allow you to go deeper and deeper into self-compassion. For me, it’s truly inspiring because each emotion has unique nuances for both self-care and responding to your environment at the same time. This is subtle and a rare skill, as all too often we don’t stay aware of how we can care for ourselves as we are. I hope that you’ll not only find it helpful, but also give you deep resources that you can internalize when the emotion is most emerging.

So, just start off by noticing your breathing, and most important, notice that you’re capable of being aware when you remember to see your anxiety and let it be soft so you’re aware of your anxiety and be as gentle with yourself right now, as much as possible. Being this gentle awareness of your anxiety is utterly transforming, as a starting point. Let yourself say “Anxiety, I see you,” remember as it will allow you to direct your attention, every single thought when you’re aware of your anxiety matters a lot. Notice if your thought is negative or supportive. Now look deep in your heart and find a place at least in your thoughts, if you can’t reach your heart. Thoughts that are caring for you are invaluable, even though we all want immediate feelings. So while you’re with your anxiety, now look for thoughts that say something like, “Of course, I want to care for you. Of course, I want to treat you as my friend.” This is crucial. Being aware of your anxiety and wanting to care at the same time is magic. You may think that this is something that you’re already doing, but to be aware of your anxiety and finding that place inside you that wants to care for it is utterly transformational. Just even understanding it is the beginning point.

Let yourself ask the seemingly absurd question, “Do you want to care for your anxiety when you see it?” Now, that may sound like a completely absurd question, but when you recognize how rare it is for you to care for your anxiety, you might get a little smile, or perhaps even better a laugh because you realize that you forget to care for yourself, when you’re anxious, it doesn’t even come up as a consideration. So staying with yourself now, or perhaps if it’s not this moment, your most recent anxiety, remember, I want to move in a caring direction. This is the very beginning of guiding yourself to care while you’re anxious. I am aware of my anxiety and I want to care at the same time. It’s a massive breakthrough just to be there, and it sets up the next possibility, which is to bring these thoughts into your attitudes, your actions, and qualities that will support you. I am aware of my anxiety and I really want to care and take this with you.

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