Facing Truths in Our Lives Through Awareness and Inquiry – Episode 29

Facing Truths in Our Lives through Inquiry and Awareness - Episode 29

Host Robert Strock teaches about learning to face the truths in our lives. Self-inquiry can teach us to see, prioritize, and let go of patterns that aren’t beneficial to our personal progress. The process of building awareness of our thought and behavioral patterns can help us steer our rudder in the right direction, rather than beating ourselves up or withdrawing because of our perceived weaknesses and mistakes. Listen to this episode . . .

The Importance of Listening to Our Own Wisdom – Episode 28

The Importance of Listening to Our Own Wisdom - Episode 28

Host Robert Strock discusses the importance of identifying and listening to our own wisdom. We can learn to value paying attention to whatever our challenging emotions are at any moment. This is a major victory. It’s a part of identifying what are our essential needs so we can guide ourselves toward the best version of who we are. We can ask ourselves “What is it that we most need?” and refer to the Introspective Guides on AwarenessThatHeals.org for specific help. Listen to this episode . . .

Inquiring from the Heart to Access Wisdom – Episode 27

Inquiring from the Heart to Access Wisdom - Episode 27`

Host Robert Strock teaches the process of moving from self-criticism to pivoting and accessing our own wisdom through self-inquiry. The process starts when we face challenging emotions. In these moments, we ask ourselves questions, searching for the best of who we are. What is our best self, our best actions, best communication, and best attitudes? These questions will guide us toward the thoughts we will derive benefit to think rather than self-criticizing ones. Listen to this episode . . .

Confusion, Self-Compassion, Introspective Questioning – Episode 26

Confusion, Self-Compassion, and Introspective Questioning - Episode 26

Host Robert Strock explores how a growing awareness around our own confusion affects self-rejection during serious health or medical changes. It’s inevitable to feel loss, emptiness, or fear during drastic life changes. We need to learn to acknowledge our feelings around these challenges. Otherwise, we will increase feelings of depression or agitation rather than deepening acceptance, understanding, and forgiving ourselves. There’s a process of learning to see our own expectations and realizing that they’re so often unreasonable. Listen to this episode . . .

Disempowering Self-Rejection – Episode 25

Disempowering Self-Rejection - Episode 25

Host Robert Strock and guest Dave discuss the process of finding the wise part of ourselves that has the ability to speak with an understanding, compassionate inner voice. With this voice, we can identify self-rejection and see it as an emotion and not feed it with continuous thoughts. We also need to be careful not to succumb to premature transcending, where we think we’re beyond our challenging feelings when we’ve really let them sink deeper into our subconscious. Listen to this episode . . .

Changing Responses to Difficult Emotions – Episode 24

Changing Responses to Difficult Emotions - Episode 24

Host Robert Strock discusses the long-term process of identifying our challenging emotions and how we can work through them. We are individuals with differing experiences and upbringings. Those experiences affect how we respond to difficult emotions and eventually can turn into self-rejection. We have to look deep within ourselves to identify the actions and thoughts that can lead us away from rejection toward self-acceptance. We can start by asking and identifying our most difficult, challenging emotion. Listen to this episode . . .

Cultivating Self-Acceptance and Balance – Episode 23

Cultivating Self-Acceptance and Balance - Episode 23

Host Robert Strock digs deeper into developing self-acceptance and balance as we continue on a journey through challenging feelings. Misconceptions about self-acceptance can lead to causing undue harm to others, especially when dealing with anger. However, true self-acceptance comes when we express ourselves with sensitivity, thoughtfulness, and honesty. Part of self-acceptance means saying yes to negative emotions, embracing them, and tolerating them without hurting others. Listen to this episode . . .

Continual Progression and Personal Evolution – Episode 22

Continual Progression and Personal Evolution - Episode 22

Host Robert Strock discusses the value of learning to identify our own challenging feelings, questioning them, and continuing to grow and develop as a person. Each of us must learn that outside standards don’t have to define us. It takes time to develop the autonomous self that can name, question, and grow. Self-rejection keeps us from realizing the autonomous self because we get caught in a reactive mode where we identify with what we’ve been taught.  Listen to this episode . . .

Developing Self-Compassion with Patience – Episode 21

Developing-Self Compassion with Patience - Episode-21

Host Robert Strock discusses the continuing process of developing self-compassion. Difficult emotions elicit many predictable “normal” forms of self-rejection, such as withdrawing, anger, or fixing. However, normal doesn’t mean healthy. We can learn to accept challenging feelings as part of our human experience while learning to stop patterns of self-rejection. Listen to this episode . . .

Develop Self-Compassion and Activate Healing Intention – Episode 20

Develop Self-Compassion and Activate Healing Intention - Episode 20

Host Robert Strock discusses how to continually develop self-compassion by identifying the healing intentions that lie at the heart of who we are. All too frequently when we have challenging feelings, we react in negative emotional l ways, which is an expression of (usually unconscious) self-rejection. That’s when it’s time to remind ourselves that our feelings aren’t the most important part of who we are. Feelings are feelings, and in many cases, they’re perpetually involuntary. Listen to this episode . . .

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