Inquiring from the Heart – Part 3

Passages from Awareness that Heals

Inquiry can go on intermittently for days in the background of your mind and heart when you are really interested in exploring a specific part of your life. When this happens, you want to be sure that you keep the same positive focus of questioning where it is clear that you are looking to support … Read more . . .

Inquiring from the Heart – Part 2

Passages from Awareness that Heals

Inquiry from the heart is essential because, if we make this practice part of our lives, it is one of the key ways to focus our awareness in the direction of our own healing and fulfillment. It can also alert us when we are not heading in a healing direction. When we develop awareness that … Read more . . .

Inquiring from the Heart – Part 1

Passages from Awareness that Heals

Although most of us already ask ourselves questions about how we might make positive changes in our lives, those questions are often asked in ways that do not support us and do not bring healing. They can be expressed with a negative edge like, “Why aren’t you making more progress?” or “Why are you stuck … Read more . . .

Tuning into Tone of Voice

Guided Meditations

When we look closely, we’ll discover that the tone of voice of ourselves and those that are closest to us is the source of our greatest suffering and our greatest intimacy.


Guided Meditations

This guided meditation crystallizes a healing path when we are feeling righteous, victimized, impatient and aggressive. Where are you most righteous, moralistic, antagonistic, or feeling like a victim in your life?

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