Awareness that Heals

Developing Wisdom Guidance

In the first four chapters, we explored awareness that heals, friendly mind, moving from self-rejection toward self-compassion and inquiry. All of them, especially inquiry, can help us access our wisdom guidance and persevere when access is difficult. To define it from a different perspective, our wisdom guidance frames in word and tone the message that is most supportive to our present life experience. It’s a blend of timely intuition and intelligence that leads us to greater peace or fulfillment.

The best way to access wisdom guidance is to combine awareness of a present or anticipated challenge, accessing an intention to heal and inquiring about what is needed. When you become aware of the specific challenge that you need to work with, you can ask the question that could most help you in the situation you’re in. When you are feeling agitated with someone, you might ask, “What can I say to that person and how can I say it so that it will most likely support our well-being?” And: “What can I say to myself and how can I say it so that it will support kindness toward myself while I’m feeling this tightness inside?”

In this series, we take a look at one of the eight key practices for navigating life’s challenges that are explored in my new book, Awareness That Heals. For more, order the book today and receive a 10% new release discount and free shipping.