Don’t let Mitch McConnell conduct a Potemkin impeachment trial

There has never been an issue in American history in my lifetime or likely yours as well that is the effect of a cult-like mass psychological hypnotic trance.

Mitch McConnellIt is familiar in many misguided spiritual “Guruistic” communities. The ultimate one was how the German people believed blindly in Adolf Hitler. I am not trying to say that Trump is as bad as Hitler by any means, I am pointing out the blindness, fueled by unconscious fear and anger, which has led a part of our public to look for a father figure to rescue us from all of the perceived slights of both parties, and that corruption and alienation has followed. It is always a time for a corrupt leader to arise when the public or a significant part of it is angry with public policy — where they feel unprotected and cheated. This allows for an idealization of a leader which can include, and has included, a disregard for any facts or truth.

Our most corrupt enemies are being treated like friends. Our friends are being treated with distrust and accusations. Our intelligence agencies are being treated as corrupt. Putin has been treated like a long lost friend. We who can see this need to see it is a sign of the times that all of our involvement is needed — with our time, energy, and money to value truth, facts, liberty, justice and the rule of law.

It is common sense, but not in the field of blind hypnosis. We mustn’t be in denial that almost half of America is united in a primal attack on truth, intelligence, the nature of trust, and appreciation for freedom and dignity.

This article is written by a brilliant mind and devoted public servant of the truth. Anyone who reads this and has connections needs to use them now. We all need to reach out to our congressmen and express our wish to insist on a fair and issue based trial. Consider McConnell shutting down Garland for the Supreme Court vs. the legitimacy of the House standing strong with the Senate. This could be the turning point in American history and we all need to show up for it in any way we can. This is a great starting point.

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Photo credit: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) speaks to journalists about the impeachment inquiry during a news conference on Capitol Hill on Oct. 29. (Melina Mara/The Washington Post)