Awareness that Heals

Poverty is Down — But Concerns About Homelessness Remain Up

Those of us that are able to take care of our livelihood need to open our hearts, wallets and minds to help develop alternatives for the homeless.

It is important that we not trivialize the homeless and believe that they are unworthy of our help. This means we will have to create intentional communities eventually where a sensible grouping of different levels of addiction, mental health and simply bad fortunes allows each to be supported in their healing or to have a way to survive.

Homelessness and the many causes and varieties of circumstances are amongst the most misunderstood and least compassionate aspects of our society. We too could be there if our circumstances were different even though most of us believe that it would never happen to us no matter what. It is hard to really understand what it’s like to be born into different circumstances that don’t have opportunity. This is all of our problem that is worthy of our ongoing contemplation, action and communication with those that are part of the potential solution. This is not a time to be passive.

The Global Bridge Foundation is involved with several homelessness projects to do what we can to create alternatives that are sensible. To learn more, contact us

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Photo Caption: Other data points raise concerns about homelessness risks among older adults, racial minorities, uninsured people, and those most vulnerable to an economic recession. (National Alliance to End Homelessness)