In this series, we take a look at one of the eight key practices for navigating life’s challenges that are explored in my new book, Awareness That Heals. For more, order the book today and receive a 10% new release discount and free shipping.

The Global Bridge Foundation fundraiser with Indivisible

It was an honor to have supported Indivisible this past week through The Global Bridge Foundation. If you have a humanitarian project in the area of homelessness, climate change, or wealth inequality, please be in touch. We want to help support everyone to find each other.







Photo captions: Left: Ezra Levin, Co-Executive Director of Indivisible Project and Robert Strock, LMFT, at Indivisible fundraiser. Right: Robert Strock, LMFT, Shelley Pearce, MA, LMFT, and Ezra Levin. 

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