5 Reasons Your Company Should be Investing in Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness isn’t just good for us as individuals. Here’s how it can help your company grow.

Mindfulness TrainingIt completely makes sense to bring mindfulness into the workplace. How could it not help to have more peace, sensitivity and cooperation? There isn’t a part of society or life that wouldn’t benefit from greater mindfulness whether it is business, education, politics, psychology or the endless humanitarian concerns of our world.

The underemphasized part of mindfulness is the importance of being able to acknowledge mindlessness where we each have lost contact with a given moment and our capacity to be present. It is very paradoxical in that the more we can be mindful the more we will also have the capacity to acknowledge and address the emotions and parts of our psyche that are unaware. It is vital that in this relatively new and growing culture of mindfulness that its sister component is the honesty and awareness to talk about how we each catch ourselves being absent and to see the patterns in our lives.

It is beneficial to value this seeing of how we are unaware without getting caught in judging ourselves. The greatest combination is mindfulness and a validation of increasing humility and courage to acknowledge where we have lapses of attention. This balance will support us to just be transparent with a more open heart and humor without endangering ourselves by idealizing having arrived at mindfulness. All of us will always remain being human and mindfulness is a great asset when balanced with valuing our foibles at the same time.

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