Awareness that Heals

For Hurricane Dorian Survivors, Emotional Distress Lingers

International Medical Corps is one of the true heroic agencies of our time. If you can support them with whatever kind of donation, it is money well spent. We are honored to be partners with them for the last 10+ years.

Hurricane Dorian SurvivorsEach of us that isn’t locked in a survival struggle ourselves needs to look at how we can bring a greater percentage of ourselves to help with all of these global struggles, whether we do it through International Medical Corps or focus on other global issues. We have been taught that our own success and caring for our families is the key to being happy. This is a dangerous half truth. Yes, it is important to care for ourselves and our family, but not at the expense of the greater home in which we live. Whether it starts with recycling, to volunteering, to giving small amounts to causes, each of us needs to be in a state of questioning, “How can we give more to the survival of our global home, and evolve from our ‘old guidelines’ of what it takes to be fulfilled and at peace?”

None of us can afford to separate ourselves from the endangerment we are in, or we are in illusion. Endless questioning and upgrading our actions, thoughts and attitude are profoundly needed.

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Photo caption: McLeans Town in Grand Bahama was devastated by Hurricane Dorian. (Frontline Health Workers Coalition)