Moving from Self-Rejection toward Self-Compassion – Part 3

In this series, we take a look at one of the eight key practices for navigating life’s challenges that are explored in my new book, Awareness That Heals. For more, order the book today and receive a 10% new release discount and free shipping

Reflection PointWhen we access our awareness that heals, we are able to see that some of the messages that come with our self-rejection can be constructive and important ones for our growth in spite of how harmful they feel or how they are presented. To discriminate, we need to develop both our capacity to be receptive and our ability to separate the essential message or potential truth from the “negativity” in the delivery. The most important question we can ask ourselves when we are confronted with negative energy that contains some truth is: “What is the message that I need to listen to so that I can grow or be more fulfilled?” Can we have the courage to look at how to best challenge ourselves in a healthy and constructive way—not through pressure or negativity, but through the inspiration of a potentially helpful insight about ourselves? Basically, we want to look objectively and honestly at what we’re hearing without disqualifying it out of hand because of how it is presented.